Account suspension (okteto cloud)

Hi there. I have been using Okteto to develop a few labs on Vault and Boundary.

Apparently that triggered something and my account was suspended.

What can I do to avoid this? (and resume work)

Hey @andrevtg! We’ve been receiving a lot of abuse lately in our cloud service, and we’ve had to tighten our internal tooling to detect and prevent it as early as possible. It seems like you got caught by it. We’ll follow up internally to get your account unblocked.

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This is surely my fault. :slight_smile:

Boundary may look suspicious because it indeed works as an encrypted proxy, buy I am using it against services in my own workspace. If that is a trouble I can run it somewhere else, no big deal.

The code for this lab:


Your account is unbanned! It detected vault-boundary as a malicious element, but it shouldn’t happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hello, My account also disable from using Okteto cloud. What should I do to avoid from abused?

@Go1233 , I’d recommend you look at the “Acceptable Use” section of our Terms of Service for information and guidance on this.