VS Code Extension fails to load commands due to incompatiblity with Dendron extension


I am trying to use the Remote - Kubernetes extension, but no command is working for some reason.

I keep getting this message, no matter what I do (even Okteto: create manifest):

Command 'Okteto: Up' resulted in an error (Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'track'))

I also opened a bug in GitHub with much more details, but no response so far

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for filing the issue, we’ll take a look and report back once it’s fixed!

@idogdeveleap I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue, but the latest version (0.4.7) has changes that I believe will prevent the reported issue from happening again. Could you give it a shot and let me know?

@ramiro Unfortunately, this new version did not fix the issue for me.
Now I have this error message:

Command 'Okteto: Up' resulted in an error (command 'okteto.up' not found)

What is the action that you’re performing? Would it be possible to share a screenshot or a video of the issue?

@ramiro Nothing works, but specifically now I tried to do Okteto up but also down, create manifest, set context, set namespace do not work.

I have a recording of what I am doing. Where should I upload it to?

Can you upload it here? Or in the issue you opened on GitHub. Either works.

@ramiro I was not able to upload videos here, so I uploaded it on GitHub

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The root cause of the issue is that running the Dendron and Okteto extensions together prevents the telemetry in our extension from working correctly. This, in turn, caused the Okteto extension to fail to start. The recommended solution for now is to disable the Dendron extension when using the Okteto extension.

The issue has the final details.. The team is looking for a more long-term solution to this issue. Thanks @idogdeveleap for the troubleshooting!