Vscode remote not working unless scp is manually installed

I’m evaluating okteto kubernetes plugin functionality with GitHub - okteto/python-getting-started: Develop Python Apps in Kubernetes with Okteto
it seems that okteto does not inject “scp” binary into the container when it starts vscode server, leading to bash: scp: command not found error.
I had to add

RUN apt update && apt install -y openssh-client

to the Dockerfile in order to work around this issue. But I believe okteto should be adding scp to the container automatically

Hey @white-hat ! Where are you getting that error? Is it on the dev container’s side, or on your local machine?

Hi Ramiro, I get it on the container side when VSCODE opens a new window tries to copy a tarball with the vscode server into the container

I was able to replicate the issue. I agree that we should preinstall SCP, let me figure out what’s the best way.

I opened The remote window fails to start if `scp` is not installed in the dev image · Issue #199 · okteto/remote-kubernetes · GitHub to track this. Feel free to add more comments or examples.