Okteto deploy and local tunnels for remote tcp ports

Hi there.

I am using “okteto deploy” (docker-compose syntax, GREAT feature by the way).

  1. It seems to me that we can only expose public HTTPS traffic when using Okteto Cloud. Can we have plain TCP even when using auto-ingress?

  2. I have managed to open local port tunnels using kubectl after running “okteto deploy”. Is there any extended syntax on compose yaml for port tunnels to be created automatically?


No, TCP services are not supported. Okteto Cloud only supports HTTP services through our managed ingress, which listens on port 80/tcp (redirect enforced) and 443/tcp for your assigned subdomain.

(e.g. *[-<namespace>]-<user>.cloud.okteto.net)

Port tunnels (local/reverse) are created when you enable development mode in any of your services (e.g. okteto up). These port mappings will be inherited from the exposed ports in your docker-compose service.

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