How do i can expose an UDP port or a UDP port range?


I tried to expose udp port using:

      - 32768:32768/udp

But this seems to create an ingress for tcp.
What I was missing ?

Thanks for your help,

Hi @mpromonet !

UDP and TCP ports are not currently supported in Okteto.

You can use port forwarding for this. This post has information on that.

Hi @ramiro

Thanks but port forwarding allow me (because I have the kubeconfig credentials) to forward UDP port, this is not what I liked to do. I am trying to expose a webrtc service and allow access through exposed service. This was working in the past without specific configuration, but doesnot works now.

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Could you share more on your configuration? Are you using a docker compose file? Where are you running the service?

Hi @ramiro,

I am deploying using webrtc-streamer/docker-compose.yml at master ยท mpromonet/webrtc-streamer (, it is running on WebRTC Streamer (

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