No longer accepting new user signups to the free Okteto SaaS Starter Tier

Effective Dec 5, 2023, Okteto will discontinue new signups for our free SaaS tier. This change is part of the evolution of the Okteto Platform and our efforts to build the right product for our core audience.

We designed the free Okteto SaaS tier to help individuals see the initial value in spinning up ephemeral, remote development environments. Over the years, we have seen the free tier used primarily for free environment hosting of individual projects diverging from our core Okteto value proposition.

We’ve learned through our customers and users that the best value of the Okteto Platform comes from a team experience, and this is where we have decided to focus the product evolution. The Okteto Platform offers features such as:

  • Multi-user access
  • Role-based permissions
  • Single sign-on
  • Governance
  • Cost control
  • Dedicated infrastructure

More support information will be published soon for existing SaaS Starter users.

If you are interested in using Okteto for development experience automation, please reach out to our team and we’ll help you get started with our commercial SaaS platform, or you can check out a free 30-day trial of our Self-Hosted offering of Okteto.

We’re grateful for your understanding, and we hope you’ll continue building with Okteto in the future.

I am one of your users and I have some inquiries regarding the continued availability of the Okteto SaaS Starter free trial. In the recent announcement, it was mentioned that new users will no longer be able to sign up for the free SaaS Starter service. However, for existing free SaaS Starter users, will they be able to continue using the service for free beyond just a one-month trial period?

I greatly appreciate the free service you have provided and I would like to obtain more details regarding the extension of the free trial period. If possible, kindly inform us about the plans and available options for existing users in terms of service termination or transition.

Thank you very much for your assistance and support. Looking forward to your response.

Hi @gitonego. Thanks a lot for using and supporting Okteto SaaS Starter!

On January 15, we will sunset Okteto SaaS Starter for all users. As a thank you, we are giving every user of Okteto SaaS Starter a free 12-month license to Okteto Self-Hosted. More information on that is available here.