Is Okteto down?

I have used Okteto for a while. Earlier today it suddenly started reporting:

Couldn’t detect any manifest (okteto manifest, pipeline, compose, helm chart, k8s manifest)

We use the GitHub actions integration and specifically point to the manifest file. The generated command is:

okteto preview deploy pr-xxx-namespace --scope scope --branch=branch --repository=…://… --sourceUrl=…://… --file path/to/okteto.yml --wait

It has worked for more than a month without this issue (not speaking of other intimittend outages)

I see that Okteto doesn’t really have any support. They also claim 228 days without incidents on

Or was this a developer fluke at Okteto they didn’t want to tell about?

Hi @madsbuch ,

where are you getting that error message, in the GitHub actions logs or in the preview logs in the Okteto UI? Which version of the actions are you using?

Have you done any change in the manifest in the branch where it is failing? Do the problems started today or days before?

I get an error 500 in the GitHub log, and get this error in the Okteto logs (Just after the “Spin up environment” is done)

We have done nothing to the manifest or github actions or anything related. We even get the error in different branches with same previously working parent.

Even worse: PRs that previously deployed alright, stopped working when issuing a “Re-run all jobs”

It started roughly 5 hours ago.

It seems some issue related to a release we did this morning in our github actions. I created an internal ticket and we are going to start working on it. In the meantime, you should be able to make ir work if you pin the version of the GitHub action to 2.7.1.

Something similar to okteto/deploy-preview@2.7.1. Can you try with that?

It is late in Europe, will look into it tomorrow. I would also prefer to not pin to previous versions – then I just hit this problem again when it is not supported anymore.

I would also recommend you to update your status page to be correct: You maintain the the GitHub actions plugin and it can rightly be classified as down for the moment.

I do understand this is tough business, as it will hit your SLAs.

Thanks for your recommendations @madsbuch . We’ll look into them to make sure that we communicate the status of our components clearly and fairly.

Hey there,

Thank-you for bringing this to our attention, we have identified and resolved the issue.
Please let us know if you have any other issues.

The Okteto Team

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