How to do run two okteto services with one `okteto up`?


I have a local setup that requires running one node server and one python server - both of which need to be running at the same time:

context: aws
namespace: 8ba01b75-0228-432c-8ed1-9fc3429fe3af

When I do okteto up, it makes me choose which service to run. Can I use one okteto up to run both services at the same time or do I need two terminals open to run each service separately?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, @seunggs!

The okteto up command it’s individual per deployment, so you need to run it once per service in parallel.

Reference: Okteto CLI | Okteto Documentation

I see - ok, got it thank you!

Hi @seunggs -

In addition, in the “dev:” block of your okteto.yaml file, there is “dev:< service >:command” where you specify what gets launched when you do $ okteto up. In our docs there are 2 examples on top of each other (link below). The API service just launches a shell in the remote container (for manual intervention or starting the service by hand) while the FRONTEND service launches the runtime automatically. One thing I’ve seen on that FRONTEND example is adding flags or specifying override config files that enable things like remote debugging or hot-reloading, etc. Things that are useful when the service is in “development” mode. Hope this helps. Happy Coding!