How do I configure okteto.yml for a create-react-app running 2 servers

We have a react app built using CRA that has both a react development server and an express server. Currently to run them locally we use a script that starts them both up

// server scripts
"dev-webpack-server": "react-scripts --max_old_space_size=2048 start",
"dev-express-server": "export NODE_ENV=development; export PORT=9950; nodemon -e js,html --ignore build/ ./server.js",


// joint script
run-p dev-express-server dev-webpack-server;

When trying to run the okteto up command, to execute the joint script, the index.html file is no longer getting the rendering a white screen with no errors in the console. I assume this is something to do with the webpack server not working correctly with my Okteto setup. What am I doing wrong?

my okteto.yml portion for dev is as follows (‘okteto’ command is the joint script above)

    command: ["npm", "run", "okteto"] 
        memory: '3Gi'
      - .:/app/

Our movies app sample includes a react frontend. You can use that as an example of how to set up your application to work with Okteto.

Specifically, you want to look at:

We also have more samples on GitHub in case you are looking for inspiration.