Pod with multiple containers

I have 2 services that I deploy in a single pod with 2 containers. One is in go, the other is in node. They communicate with each other inside the pod via localhost http calls. One of them has an exposed port and api routes used for outside communication.

I would like to use okteto for development, but I can’t see in the documentation if a multi-container manifest is supported.

I do not really want to do a build step at all. I want to:
deploy my base image for go in one container, my base image for node in the other container,
sync up a configmap for them both to use,
sync one directory for my go source into my go service container
sync the directory for my node source int my node service container
then run go run cmd/main.go in the go containter and npm start in the other container.

Is this a use case that okteto is lacking right now? From what I’m seeing, it looks like okteto runs on the concept of one service per pod.

Thank you.

Hi @scags9876
You can specify the container where you want to develop using the container field:

But you can not run two okteto up sessions to the same Pod.

Just for curiosity, why are you running both containers in the same Pod? Could you run them in separate Deployments/Pods? If so, you can have two okteto up sessions to two different Deployments, that’s not an issue, but today it’s not possible to run okteto up on two different containers of the same Deployment/Pod

Thanks for the quick reply @pchico83 !

These pods are quick ephemeral jobs that we spin up to do a task then dispose of. There are many of them spun up and down at any one point, and it works better for us conceptually to keep their context focused by maintaining one pod per job.

Perhaps for development we will have to separate them into multiple pods if we want to use okteto for easier development.