Github Spammed My Account Thrdy Party 😢

Hello Octeto Team :heart: English: My Account was Put on Hold While I was Waiting, This Time By Github 3. It Restricts Party Apps, Will I get a solution video about this, so what do I need to do for this, I love you, I wish you success :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

English: And I forgot to add a little note, My account has been put on hold, when will it be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @lizyangel

Could you please explain better what is the issue and what did you do?

If you could upload a video as you said, that would help.


English: For Example, Whenever I Add a Business Email Account to My Github Account, Github Does not Allow Party Apps For Okteto :sleepy: And One Thing, Sir, As Part of the Github login to the Waiting List, sir​:sweat:

If you could share some screenshots o what you are experiencing it would help us understand the issue better.


Thank You Octeto Team :heart:

You’ve been added to our waiting list. We’ll notify you as soon as your account is available.

English: i’m having the same problem myself, how can I solve this, even if I Share my Login Information for my Github Account with the Developer, you can contact me :smiling_face_with_tear:

Do you have an idea why your accounts have been reported as spam?

I am afraid you have to contact GitHub to know more.

English: teacher, I have the same, but Github Can’t Find a Solution to This, so If We Find a Solution to gitlab Or Something