Unable to build website locally using yarn - resulting in 5 errors

Hi there!

I’m trying to build the website locally as mentioned in this guide. However, yarn start results in 5 errors which have been mentioned below.

I’ve looked for the files that are indicated to cause the error, however, I’m unable to get any idea of it after research from StackOverflow and google.

Here’s the detailed information:

  1. yarn version: v1.22.19

  2. List the errors:

(due to policy of new users only putting 1 item embedded, I’m bound to put only 1)

Tried the same on a VM and result in the same 5 errors.

That typically means that you are using an older version of Node. Run node --version to check it?

That being said, you should try developing with Okteto instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about local dependencies beyond your IDE and source code.

This is a good approach. However, I’ve one suggestion here - How about if we mention the same about building the website using okteto cloud rather than yarn since the project readme would make it more clear for a user to understand about dev environment and then later can navigate to getting-started? WDYT?

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Update: I’ve raised this issue. and would love to work on this once I get approval for this. Anyone could take a look at that issue?

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