Token renew button doesn't show the renewed token


I have one token in my Okteto account and I wanted to rotate it. I clicked on the “Renew” button and I got the message above in the notification bar saying: “API Token successfully renewed.” The new token is not shown.

Is this a bug or I am missing something here?


What are you planning to use that token for? The one you can renew is actually the “login” token, if you are planning to use the Okteto API, you should create a new token and use that one instead.
I hope that helps.

Does that mean, the login token is not meant to be shown in the settings area? When the “renew” action makes sense in this case?

@Hosam when you renew that token, the Okteto Webapp will automatically request a new token, so it’ll be transparent. If you have other sessions in other browsers active at that time, those will get invalidated.