Rasa Service - seem to be working from cache

I am running a Rasa server & its action server… I make code changes in Git and redeploy my changes in Okteto… However I don’t seem to see the changes made… Even the text in print commands aren’t being displayed… Any idea on what I could be doing wrong?

To check if I understand the problem
The problem arises when you:
• Deploy your app through the UI
• Make a change to the code, commit it and push it to your repo’s main branch
• Redeploy it again through the UI
Then your changes aren’t seen in your app

Is this correct?

Hey bro, please I need help with my rasa action server

Hey there,

This sounds like a few of the tickets we have had recently. Have you read these post to see if they apply to your situation?

If they do not help then please post back and we will see if we can help further

The Okteto Support Team