2022-09-06 07:40:50 INFO root - Rasa server is up and running

Bot is not loaded.endpoint is not showing
here is github : GitHub - Horizon733/customer-care-chatbot: customer care chatbot made with Rasa Open Source.

Hey @kevinz did u find the solution? I also faced same problem

no,i directly used could,i will try cli let’s see may be it works

ya sure ,Can you pls try and let me know if it’s works or not? Because i have deploy bot multiple times but still didn’t get endpoints.

Can you pls tell me how u can use directly? i mean which approach you used? I didn’t get your point.

i mean by doing this Okteto CLI | Okteto Documentation on locally

yes i have done it but it’s not working in my case let me know if it’s work on your code

Hi, I was facing the same problem.

Solved from this answer:


If you want to take a look at how I set it up, you can check it out on my github:


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