Okteto not found

I get this error page after i have deployed okteto in my AWS EKS cluster.

Hey @karthik! Sorry you are facing this issue. Can you please provide us with some more details about your installation? Are you seeing this page on the subdomain you specified in your config.yaml?

Did you create a DNS record pointing your subdomain to your NGINX controller service External-IP like suggested here: Deploy your Okteto instance | Okteto Documentation

yes. I am seeing this page on my subdomain. dev.peer.ccbj.beemyguest.jp

when I use https://okteto.domain, I get page not found just like this one

I don’t know if the DNS record has been created right or not. It is not under my control.

Hi @karthik,

It appears that there might be an issue with your DNS configuration. Please request your DNS administrator to create a wildcard DNS record for *.dev.peer.ccbj.beemyguest.jp, directing it to the external IP of the ingress-nginx Kubernetes Service in the okteto Kubernetes Namespace.

Once this task is completed, you should be able to access your instance by logging in at https://okteto.dev.peer.ccbj.beemyguest.jp/.

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