Loading a file from AWS S3 Storage breaks after 30 minutes

I try to load a tar.gz file from AWS s3 Storage which breaks after around 30 minutes with this error message:

An error occurred while reading from response stream: (“Connection broken: ConnectionResetError(104, ‘Connection reset by peer’)”, ConnectionResetError(104, ‘Connection reset by peer’)).

Is this file too big to be loaded to Okteto or any reason why this is happening?

Hope someone can help me with that

How and Where are you loading the file? Is this part of your Dockerfile or something else?

Also, how big is the file?

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Hi @ramiro, after several retries it worked but now again it stopped through either this error:

could not load model due to connection was closed before we received a valid response from endpoint url

or this error

Max retries exceeded with URL in requests

Downloading takes also a lot of time (compared to when I download it in docker-compose on my local machine. Is there a way to make the download more stable to avoid these errors? To add on this, I think it makes a difference in which region the client and the bucket are located. So is there a way to find out where Okteto is hosted?

EDIT: Changing the region did not make a difference unfortunately

Okteto Cloud is not designed for high-performance upload/download, so we don’t guarantee speed or bandwidth.

As to making it more stable, if your file is large, I’d recommend you use a download client that allows for resumable downloads and can handle network interruptions.

How big is the file that you’re trying to download?