Im changing from kube-dns to Cloud DNS

Hi there!

We are making this change and can’t clone repositories getting “Could not resolve hostname”.

How can I make Okteto work with CloudDNS?


If you have the Network Policies enabled in Okteto, we are blocking the IP outcome egress = by default, which happens to be the DNS server used to resolve DNS when Cloud DNS is enabled.

You can check this configuration with:

helm get values $NAME -a | yq .networkPolicies

And you should get something like:

  enabled: true
    - ""

If you want to work with Cloud DNS maintaining the same NetworkPolicies rules, but allowing communication to the DNS server IP, you need to allow traffic to that IP.

To do so, just remove the default value in the config.yaml Helm configuration file:

   enabled: true 
   blockedCIDRs: []