How can I set the registry of a context

I’m trying to set up minikube for developing when I have bad internet while traveling by train.
Is there an option to set the registry for a context? Because when I use my minikube context with okteto deploy I’m getting the following message

okteto deploy
 i  Using default @ minikube as context
 x  Error checking image at registry : error getting image tag digest: could not parse reference:

In my context.json file, the minikube context has no registry set and if I try to add one in context.json, its not used by the context but deleted every time I do okteto context use minikube

Hey @davemaier !

This is a bug on the Okteto CLI. We filed this issue to track this.

When using Okteto CLI with Minikube (or a Kubernetes without Okteto installed), okteto will use your local docker daemon and the official registries. We are looking at different ways to support this scenario.

For now, I think the easiest workaround is to not refer to the okteto. dev registry on the manifest you are using, but instead, pre-load the images on Minikube, and then use references to these images on the manifests you use with Okteto.

Hope this helps!

Hi @ramiro

Thanks for filing the issue and for the workaround! I think till the bug is fixed it’s more convenient for me to handle building and deploying to Minikube using a shell script and a docker hub.