How can I get extra details debugging file synchronization / sync to my remote container?

Okteto leverages Syncthing to perform it’s file synchronization to your remote development container.

Solar flares happen. Network routes temporarily break down. Proxies get in the way. Anti-virus software likes to jump out at you, etc.

Here’s a simple tip to get a boost of intel turning on extra debugging and filling logs in your local .okteto folder.

$ STTRACE=model okteto up [service]
$ tail -f ~/.okteto/<…>/syncthing.log

There are other ‘modes’ to set STTRACE to documented here but ‘model’ is a great first start!

Happy Hacking!

Another useful command is okteto status xxx --info. This gives you access to the syncthing UI (both, the local and the remote process) which provides detailed information about the synchronization state and makes it possible to perform API calls to syncthing