Dummy IngressClass in Okteto Cloud

Currently any Ingress resource is forced the “nginx” IngressClass on Okteto Cloud.

Can Okteto Cloud eventually ignore ingress resources that use a “dummy” IngressClass (it could be a predefined one)? That would help on my current use case.

Hi @andrevtg, we don’t support it currently. Could you explain your use case to evaluate the creation of the new feature?

In short: I am running Kong in db-less mode and developing services that must be routed through it. Kong gateway has an autoconfig based on namespaced CRDs (Okteto has them deployed).

  • I am running Kong (a regular service) and its companion Kong Ingress Controller service. KIC scans the namespace for annotated “ingress” and “service” objects and reconfigures Kong (KIC isn’t a real ingress controller, just an autoconfig helper).
  • Kong itself is served through Okteto Cloud’s ingress controller (its ingress is “nginx”)
  • Kong will do its thing and cascade route requests.

In other words, a dummy ingressclass that could be picked by namespaced ingress that will be ignored by Okteto but that can be used internally. This way I might be able to reproduce Kong’s behaviour when used as a real ingress controller itself.

Perhaps I can make it simpler: my use case requires ingress objects with a dummy annotated ingressclass, something Okteto currently forces a fixed value.

Kong will not be installed as a real ingress controller, but its CRD-based autoconfig behaviour will work just fine.

Hi @andrevtg, I have escalated your feature request to the product team and they will evaluate it.