Dev containers are slow

Hi! I’ve been having a not so pleasurable developer experience for more than two months now. I’m developing on an okteto cloud developer pro account and getting my deployments into dev mode already takes quite a while.
But the real problem is that starting and restarting my nodejs server in the dev container is really slow and takes close to a minute sometimes. On my local machine the server starts instantly.

I have many namespaces that all use quite some memory and cpu, is there some global throttling if a user takes up to much ressources?


Hey there,

Can you post the contents of your .stignore file(s), there should be one at the root of your repo / possibly one at the root of each project if you have a nx style monorepo with multiple projects.

The Okteto Support Team

HI Gabriel!

Thanks for your reply. Somehow this problem has solved itself. I haven’t changed anything but I’m happy that my dev containers run at a reasonable speed again.