Cannot wake up sleeping endpoint with calling public endpoint

Resources in my namespace have been put to sleep after 24 hours. Unfortuanately I cannot wake them up by calling a public endpoint - the okteto documentation states that it is possible, but It simply does not work - I keep getting a 503 error:

# 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

The endpoint I’m using is but problem might be that when the namespace goes to sleep it dissapears from the public endpoints visible in the okteto GUI.

Can anyone please help me solve the wake up by public endpoint call issue?

Hello, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are aware that there is an issue in our Cloud cluster regarding the wake up functionality when hitting a sleeping service’s public endpoints, and we are currently working on the fix. In the meantime, we have two more options as potential workarounds:

1- Manual wake up with the Wake All button on the UI:

2- Using the CLI command okteto namespace wake <namespace name>

Thank you!