Auto sync not working

I have a multimodule spring boot project running with okteto. When I make any java code changes and run mvn clean install, application restarts(as I have spring-boot-dev-tools in dependency of the module having SpringBootApplication class) but changes in java code for other module dont reflect until I run again okteto up.

Below project structure

-MyAppApplication(annotated with @SpringBootApplication)
-pom.xml having okteto profile with plugin spring-boot-maven-plugin and spring-boot-dev-tools as dependency and MyAppApplication as mainClass
myapp-jar(here more java codes exists and changes code here does not reflect with mvn clean install until I run okteto up)

my okteto.yaml

 myapp:       # Service name.
    image: <maven image with java8>   # Base image on which the application will be deployed.
   # Command to launch the application in the remote cluster.
    command: mvn -f myapp-war/pom.xml spring-boot:run -Pokteto

Any idea why I need to run okteto up after every build to take effect? Any changes in application.yaml takes effect after mvn clean install though.

Hi @prasanta,

I am not an expert on Maven or Spring Boot but I would like to ask you, if you run mvn -f myapp-war/pom.xml spring-boot:run locally, would it pick up changes from the module?

I have been doing some research on this, and found: java - command "mvn spring-boot:run" does not take changes at run in other modules than main module? - Stack Overflow

Perhaps that command is not going to reload changes made to the module, but only to the main-module?