Add possibility to add information to catalog items

It would be very convenient if we would have a possibility to add some custom information to the catalog items. In this way we can inform our developers about what a catalog item will deploy exactly and which/how variables should be set for deploying to different types of development/testing environments.

The information could possibly be shown in the fronted in an expandable section or in a popover when hovering over some “info icon” in the “deploy dev environment” modal.

Hey @florisie! Welcome to the Okteto community!

Have you tried using the notes key while configuring external resources?
See the docs here:

That should allow you to point to a markdown file where you can have info about the resource which will be shown to the developers when the click it in the UI.

Please let me know if this doesn’t solve your needs and you’re looking for something else!

Hello Arsh,

Thank you for the suggestion. Although it is useful to know about the possibility to add notes through external resources it is not exactly what I mean.

What I mean is that I would like to provide some additional info in the modal when a developer selects a catalog item (so before the developer actually deploys the item). It would serve the same purpose as the help function for a CLI script. Usually a CLI script comes with a “–help” option. It will show a brief description of what the script is for and about different options for running the script. Additionally it can provide information about the arguments and options that can be used with the script.

In the case of the a catalog item I would also like to add a brief description. Ideally I would also like to add a description for every variable that has been defined in the catalog item. This text could be shown for example as a tooltip when hovering over some “info icon”.