Is there a better way to test the okteto binary?

I’ve been contributing to okteto and for building as well as testing the changes, I’ve used make command which results in the creation of binary /bin/okteto that can be used to test changes. However, the okteto project lies in my Documents folder whereas the application lies on my Desktop folder. Is there a way that I can use okteto binary on my application that’s in Desktop?

I know I can copy the okteto binary to my desktop - however, I’ll have to do it every time i type make command to build the okteto binary.

Hi @NitishKumar06,

I am not sure i understood correctly your inquiry. Running make build under the okteto project folder will create the binary at bin/okteto, in order to run this from any location what i suggest is to create an alias at your to this path and use this anywhere, such as:

alias ok="/Users/<user>/Documents/okteto/bin/okteto"

This way when you use ok is pointing to the build binary, and when using okteto is using the application.

Hope this helps, if not let us know if you need further help! :slight_smile:


Thanks! This is exactly I was looking for.


That’s a great idea. I’ve been doing that by manually swapping binaries for years! We should add it to the maintainer’s guide on GitHub - okteto/okteto: Develop your applications directly in your Kubernetes Cluster

@ramiro I can go with adding this to file

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Update: The PR has been raised.