Is it possible to combine the computing power of the CPUs for one container?

Hi all,

I’m training a RASA chatbot and unfortunately, it seems to be too big to be trained on Okteto Dev Pro as it starts training but does not continue for hours (I gave it at least 15 hours once). As I’m super new to this I was wondering whether there is a way to combine the computing power of the pods and namespaces to get more CPU for one docker container? The other option would be loading an already trained model but for some reason, I always get the message “UserWarning: No valid model found at models!” even though it works perfectly when deployed locally.

Would be great to get some ideas on what I can do to solve this!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Canta . That is not possible on that plan. The Scale and Enterprise tiers of Okteto SaaS, or our self-hosted product, give you more control over this. Happy to talk more about that with you if you are interested.