How do I install Okteto without a wildcard certificate?

Can I install Okteto without using wildcard certificates?

Okteto uses a wildcard domain and a wildcard certificate to expose all your development environments on the same subdomain. This is very handy to avoid the automation of certificates and domains.

It’s possible not to use wildcard certificates. You would need a way to automate the creation of certificates for your development environments, for example, using cert-manager annotations in your ingress objects. You can automate the injection of annotations directly from Okteto.

Finally, you will need a single certificate for okteto.$OKTETO_DOMAIN, registry.$OKTETO_DOMAIN and buildkit.$OKTETO_DOMAIN domains and refer that certificate from the wildcardCertificate section of your okteto helm values file.

Happy coding!

Also if you use publicOverride, the certificate will need to be valid for that FQDN as well.