How do I bring my GoDaddy Certificate to Okteto

This guide is going to explain the steps if you have your DNS Domain Certificate with GoDaddy and you want to use it for Okteto.

Get your Certificate Files

First thing to do is to get your certificate files from GoDaddy. To do that:

  • Go to page and click My Products
  • Then scroll down to SSL Certificates β†’ Manage
  • Download your files (You may need to click Rekey & Manage first)

Now we got our files downloaded

GoDaddy downloads 3 files:

  1. Certificate itself: xxxxxx.cert
  2. The intermediary bundle: gd_bundle-xxxx.crt
  3. And the private key: xxxx.key

Create file for k8s secret. The secret is going to need the concatenation of the certificate and the bundle file:

cat xx.crt gd_bundle-xxxx.cert > result.crt 

Create k8s secret

Now we add the certificate and the key to a secret:

kubectl create secret tls ${SECRET_NAME} --key xxxx.key --cert result.crt  --namespace okteto

Okteto Configuration

Let’s tell Okteto to use our new certificate tls secret!

  • config.yaml:
  create: false
  name: ${SECRET_NAME}

      default-ssl-certificate: okteto/${SECRET_NAME}

We are now ready to test our secured Dev Environment: