Helm installation fails due to an error in the wildard-certificate.yaml template file

When trying to install Okteto Self-Hosted 1.15.0, I get the following error:

Error: template: okteto/templates/wildcard-certificate.yaml:2:29: executing "okteto/templates/wildcard-certificate.yaml" at <include "okteto.wildcardCertificate.data" .>: error calling include: template: okteto/templates/_certificates.tpl:23:23: executing "okteto.wildcardCertificate.data" at <eq (index ($tlsSecret | default $emptySecret).metadata.annotations "dev.okteto.com/fqdns") (include "okteto.fqdns" .)>: error calling eq: incompatible types for comparison

Iā€™m using:

  • Okteto 1.15.0
  • Kubernetes 1.26 (EKS)
  • Kubectl 1.23
  • Helm 3.6

Hi @ramiro,

The Okteto Self-Hosted Helm Chart requires a functioning installation of Helm v3.8 or higher. However, we recommend using the latest Helm version available for enhanced stability and security. You can find all the prerequisites outlined at the beginning of the EKS Cloud Provider guide.

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