Failed to activate development container: invalid storage class

I’m running into the following error when trying to run the vscode-remote-go example.

couldn't activate your development container
error creating kubernetes volume claim: admission webhook "" denied the request: Request denied because of the following errors:
- Invalid storage class.

I am trying to use Okteto with my CoreWeave cluster. It looks like it’s trying to create a PVC with a storage class that’s getting rejected by a webhook that CoreWeave has set up. Is there any way for me to configure the storage class?

Hi @ryan_skyglass ,

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Yes, there is a way of setting the storage class for the persistent volume that Okteto creates for your development container. You can specify it with the key dev.<service-name>.persistentVolume.storageClass in the Okteto manifest (okteto.yml). You can find information about that key in our documentation.

Thank you! That worked perfectly. If anyone else encounters this who is using CoreWeave, the storage class needs to be [block|shared]-[nvme|hdd]-[las1|ord1|lga1] as described here: Using Storage - Kubectl - CoreWeave

Glad to hear it works and thanks you so much for sharing that information!

Happy coding!