"exit status 37" when deploying with Bazel

In a previous community post we worked out how to Okteto deploy using Bazel. Recently we’ve enabled a remote cache using BuildBuddy but then Okteto started to fail:

Running 'Deploy'
Starting local Bazel server and connecting to it...
Error executing command 'Deploy': exit status 37

The Bazel command works fine outside of Okteto. I commented out lines in .bazelrc and tracked it down to 3 settings. Turning on any one of these will cause the failure.

build --bes_backend=grpcs://remote.buildbuddy.io
build --remote_cache=grpcs://remote.buildbuddy.io
build --remote_executor=grpcs://remote.buildbuddy.io

What they have in common is the use of gRPC. Is it possible that Okteto is blocking the calls? Is there a way to debug further?

Hi @bursty-john !

okteto deploy command executes the commands defined in the deploy section of okteto.yml locally. Can you make sure that the same commands that return error using okteto deploy can be executed on the same machine but without using okteto?