Does Okteto Starter Pro redeploy automatically after some time?

Hi all, I deployed a project with Starter Pro and noticed that it automatically redeployed yesterday which made the project break. Is there a way to stop redeployment? Further, is there some guide how to store data on a volume in Okteto so that it does not need to be downloaded again when there a redeployment happens?

Many thanks!

Hi Canta,

Containers can be recreated at any time because the cluster scales up and down based on load, and sometimes we need to upgrade the nodes of the cluster.

How did you deploy your application? Docker compose? Helm charts?

You can attach persistent volumes to your containers to persist your data if the containers are restarted:

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply! :slight_smile:

Maybe I can ask you a follow-up question. I use docker-compose for deployment. When running the application I use a bash command that fetches the data from AWS. Now, in case of a redeployment, it would use the same bash command, even though there would be a volume with the data and it would fetch again the data from AWS. How would one deal with this? An idea I had was somehow checking if there is a non-empty volume available in the Dockerfile and depending on this run a different docker-compose file. But I do not really know how to do so.

Many thanks again!