Docker Image no longer receiving OKTETO_BUILD_ARG

I have a few docker images that source their image from the okteto.yml argument ${OKTETO_BUILD_NAME_IMAGE}

like so:

    context: .
    dockerfile: samples/todo-api/Dockerfile
    depends_on: dev

this has worked for awhile, my docker image just declares the arg and then does its FROM MYARG. However, my okteto builds have begun to fail saying

base name ($SOURCE_IMAGE) should not be blank

Which is odd since nothing has changed in regards to these images in awhile. I do build my dev image first , which suceeds and this is the image all my other docker files depend on, after this, any image fails to build since it has an empty base name.

Hi @ryanbas21,

We identified an issue with the latest version of the CLI and we are currently working on a fix. Until we do, you can downgrade you okteto version to 2.15.0:

curl -sSfL | OKTETO_VERSION=2.15.0 sh

We’ll keep you posted, and thanks for reporting!