Error in FinishPipeline: label name "name" missing in label map

I saw this error in a github issue here: error in FinishPipeline: label name "name" missing in label map · Issue #2676 · okteto/okteto · GitHub
But didn’t see if the person followed up with a thread here on this forum. Was recently unblocked on implementing okteto for a project and this was a new error I had not seen on my previous work a few months back.

error in FinishPipeline: label name "name" missing in label map happens after all my services seem to successfully deploy

Hi @ryanbas21 do you have any public repo we can check? I was trying to reproduce it but wasn’t able.

Hi @nacho

yes. GitHub - ForgeRock/forgerock-javascript-sdk: ForgeRock JavaScript SDK

Hi @ryanbas21

We have found the root cause of that error. It is failing in one of our components when finishing the pipeline execution when the preview is deployed using the automatic preview environment feature. We are working on a fix and we’ll release it as soon as we can.

This should not affect on your deployment, as this is the last thing of being executed but it could generate some corner cases. if you want to avoid the error, you can use our cli to deploy the preview environment for now, here is the documentation about that command: Okteto CLI | Okteto Documentation

We’ll let you know as soon as the fix is released.

Thanks for reporting it!

Hi @ryanbas21

the fix for that error was already released, you shouldn’t face it anymore.

Thanks for reporting it and happy coding!